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Can ADV7123 supports analog YPbPr output

Question asked by on Apr 19, 2016
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I use AD9983A + ADV7123 to construct a analog-to-analog design, the AD9983A outputs 4:4:4 digital to the digital input of ADV7123.

When AD9983A connects into a  VGA sources, the ADV7123 outputs the VGA analog output normal.

But when AD9983A connects into a YPbPr sources, the ADV7123 outputs the YPbPr analog output abnormal,

the luminance of YPbPr is right, but the chrominance is uncorrect.


So, my question is:

1. Can ADV7123 support YPbPr output?

2. How to configure the ADV7123 to support YPbPr output?


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