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ADAU1452 Eval @ 96 or 192kHz

Question asked by joe42 on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by DaveThib

I'm investigating the use of the ADAU1452 for a 96kHz or 192kHz project, and am wondering if the eval board would be helpful, given the (baffling) restriction that the CODEC is stuck at 48kHz that's been discussed already.  I'd like to avoid the hardware modification.


Can't I just use an ASRC on the serial input and output to convert the DSP's core sample rate (say, 192kHz) to 48k, and connect to the CODEC normally? Or is there some other inherent reason this can't be done?  That way I can use the straight eval board for initial testing, then connect to another eval board (maybe 1361) for 96kHz testing, with the original codec still working for testing. 


Any reason this won't work?


Also, out of curiosity, in this situation, do I need to add antialiasing filters to the inputs to the ASRC?  Or does the ASRC handle that?