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BlackFin 533 Bootloader Candidates

Question asked by waswas on Jul 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by gvasanth

We require a BlackFin 533 bootloader that boots out of Flash/EEPROM, then loads/boots the application payload also from flash/EEPROM, but can also write flash/EEPROM with a new application payload, which it uploads across USB (as a USB device, not a USB host) by interfacing with a remote Windows utility.


We can provide the remote Windows utility, and these BF533 software components:  the USB driver/interface protocol for the BF533 to upload/parse the ldr image (i.e. application payload created by Visual DSP++), and the flash/EEPROM read/write functions to burn flash/EEPROM.   We're looking for bootloader candidates to provide the processor/memory initialization/application payload copy/vector transfer sequence.


Does anyone know of possible candidates?


Thank you!