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ADP2387: Variability of Current Limit inside IC

Question asked by Tomo-Kakehi on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by hyao


I have received the inquiry from customer.

Customer needs the variability of current limit inside ADP2387.

I checked the datasheet.

According to the datasheet, the variability of current limit is changed by Rilim.

For example,

Resistor(Ilim)Min(Ilim)Typ(Ilim)Max(Ilim)Min Rate(Ilim)Max Rate(Ilim)
44.2k ohm7.7A9.2A10.7A-19.48%14.02%
66.5k ohm5.1A6.1A7.1A-19.61%14.08%
133k ohm2.3A2.9A3.5A-26.09%17.14%


If Rilim is 44.2k or 66.5k ohm, variability rate is about same.

But if Rilim is 133k ohm, variability rate is changed from above values.


If you have the graph or data of the variability of current limit inside ADP2387, please share me it.

The limit date of answer to customer is tomorrow(Apr-19 in Japan).

Please advise me.


Thank you,