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relative temperature measurment using ad8495

Question asked by idans on Apr 17, 2016
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i need to measure a sample temperature and the relative temperature using 2 thermocouples and two ad849.

the way i connect the thermocouples is as follow : 

in the sample measurement it quite stait ahead the - of the thermocouple goes to - of the amp and the + of thermocouple goes to + input of the amp.

in relative measurement the + of the first thermocouple is shorted to the + of second themocouple so the - input of thermocouple A goes  to - of the second amp and the - of thermocouple B goes to + input of second amp. in case that both themocouples are in same temperature i should have the absolute temperature in first amp and 0 or almost 0 in second amp.

what i got is that the absolute is wrong and the relative temperature has great errors

what should i do?