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Data format to ADAU17x?

Question asked by HowardE on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2016 by HowardE

I'm sure this is an easy one but I'm not finding the answer by searching for it. I have an application that uses an I2C connection from a SiLabs Gecko to send DSP configuration stuff (I had asked a question about that earlier, solved the problem and would be happy to share that code if anyone wants it).  I also have an I2S connection and would be interested in sending it some prestored sounds - button press clicks- that sort of thing. I'm assuming it wants the data clocked in at the correct playback speed, but what format? Is it the 28.0 format? 5.23? Something else? Is there some trick other than just taking the data and jamming it in? A previous engineer on this project came up with some code that just makes raspy static noises and my attempts haven't done much better.


Examples of an implementation in code (any language or processor) would be greatly appreciated.