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Can the ADXL362 interrupt on acticity/inactivity on z-axis only?

Question asked by Naji on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by STallur

I am using the ADXL362 to detect a tilt angle in the z-axis only. I don't care about x or y axes. I need to utilize the thresholds to minimize battery drain.

I want the INT1 to detect that I am below the threshold, and INT2 above a threshold.

What I see is that INT1 is always low and INT2 is always high.

Does the Activity/Inactivity threshold depend on all 3 axes?

I need the ADXL362 to be asleep until the thresholds are triggered to save battery power.

Am I using the right device?

Here is my code:

sendADXL362Word (WRITE, THRESH_ACT_L,  0x14, 0x01);
sendADXL362Word (WRITE, THRESH_INACT_L, 0xE8, 0x01);


sendADXL362Byte (WRITE, ACT_INACT_CR, 0x35);


// Set up INT1 to be Active Threshold active-high interrupt output
sendADXL362Byte (WRITE, INTMAP1, 0x10);
// Set up INT1 to be Inactive Threshold active-high interrupt output
sendADXL362Byte (WRITE, INTMAP2, 0x20);


// LOW_NOISE=01, AutoSleep=1, MEASURE=10
sendADXL362Byte (WRITE, POWER_CTL, 0x16);