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AD9361 Rx TIA/ BB filter configuration

Question asked by bensonyeung2 on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by tlili

I was trying to change for example RX TIA/BB filter BW using debug/register through SPI. It looks like the register value I wrote did not take into effect. (I was using ADI IIO software).


Here are the registers/step I took: ( reference to c code)


ad9361_spi_write(phy->spi, REG_RX_TIA_CONFIG, reg1DB);

ad9361_spi_write(phy->spi, REG_TIA1_C_LSB, reg1DC);

ad9361_spi_write(phy->spi, REG_TIA1_C_MSB, reg1DD);

ad9361_spi_write(phy->spi, REG_TIA2_C_LSB, reg1DE);

ad9361_spi_write(phy->spi, REG_TIA2_C_MSB, reg1DF);

Do I need to be in some override mode to change those setting manually? (for example write something to reg 0x1E6)?