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Inquiry of ADL5350 applications

Question asked by jhshin on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by huangzeyan



My customer is planning to use ADL5350 for the following applications:

  - Up/Down converter

     1) RF : 2350MHz

     2) IF   : 810MHz

     3) LO : 3160MHz


Does ADL5350 can be used for the above applications ?


In addition, I found recommended filter RLC value in ADL5350 datasheet as below.

It's RLC value for low-side LO injection.

If she use high-side LO injection as the above, does she has to use different value ?

If yes, pls tell me recommended RLC values for high-side LO injection.


In other cases, could you provide recommended RLC values for 3.1GHz?


Thanks a lot.