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ADuCM350 - Terminal I/0 output

Question asked by Majo on Apr 14, 2016
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Hi everybody,


I bought Evaluation Board Development Kit (Eval - ADUCM350EBZ) for my project that I am working on (BIOimpedance measurement).

I have downloaded all SW that are recommended from analog devices site (SW Development Kit and Evaluation Kit Software Platform also). First of all I have tried EKSP, but because I have received "UART Handshaking Error"  every-time when I wanted to SWEEP I have tried SDK. The problem is that when I debug the ImpedanceMeasurement_4WireBioIsolated.eww file in IAR Embedded Workbench IDA for ARM 7.60 the Terminal I/O shows me only this output "PASS !". That is all what I am able to see.


Could you please help me where is the problem or what I am doing wrong?


Thanks in advance