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trouble using a C variable in assembly

Question asked by on Jul 13, 2011
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Hello everybody,


I am working on a project using an ADSP-BF533 and I need to pass a C++ variable in assembly.


More specifically, i am performing a ram physical integrity check and i want to move the stack pointer to a temporary location. I have declared a global structure with several attributes called "RamAttributes" and one of those attributes is a uint8 array "RamAttributes.stackTemp[10]".


So I want to move the stack pointer to the reserved memory &RamAttributes.stackTemp[9]. The reason i want the 10th position of the array is because the stack is filling backwards, ie from highest to lowest memory cell. Isn't that correct?


This is how I am doing it:


asm (".EXTERN _RamAttributes.stackTemp;");

asm (".type _RamAttributes.stackTemp,STT_OBJECT;");


asm ("P4.H=hi(_RamAttributes.stackTemp[9]);");

asm ("P4.L=lo(_RamAttributes.stackTemp[9]);");


asm ("R5 = [SP];");

asm ("[P4] = R5;");


asm ("R7.H=hi(_RamAttributes.stackTemp[9]);");

asm ("R7.L=0;");

asm ("SP = R7;");

When I try to compile I get the following error:


[Error ea5004] "C:\DOCUME~1\f20410\LOCALS~1\Temp\acc02d061d0000\acc02d061d0001.s":93 Syntax Error in :


syntax error is at or near text '['. Attempting error recovery by ignoring text until the ';'


I get this error for each reference of _RamAttributes.stackTemp[9]. If I remove the [9] then it compiles with no errors (I don't know if it runs on target yet).


Can I use a C declared array in assembly?  How?