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AD9129 - FIFO Level Whole Number?

Question asked by GRL on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by danf

Trying to align a pair of AD9129 DACs.

In some cases, after we've aligned the SYNCs, we end up with outputs of the two DACs being misaligned by 4 DACCLKs.

Datasheet says "an effect can occur ... This can be noticed by a seeming 4 DAC sample offset in the output. To avoid this issue ..., the FIFO must be reset and then read back to understand its level. If it is a whole number, it is recommended that the DCI is advanced or delayed by 1 DACCLK cycle..."

Exactly what would I see in the four thermometer-gauges (or in some other registers?) that would be the indication of "a whole number" FIFO level, versus a fractional-number level?