[Bug Report] Sigma Studio FIR filter crash

Discussion created by seeker on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by seeker

When loading large FIR filter tables from external txt files in SigmaStudio (I've tried e.g. 4096 and 8192) the program stops responding and reports a crash after a long time (many minutes). I've tried different formats of FIR tables, fixed and floating, but no one is successful.

I attach a screenshot of a simple test setup and the error screen.

I've raised this issue earlier but haven't got a solution. This is critical to my project with ADAU1452.


SigmaStudio v 3.12

Win7 32 bit with Service Pack 1 (Swedish version)

4 GB of RAM


I've also tested it on a different PC with Win10 64 bit with similar results


Really hope that you can prioritize this bug.