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640x480 square pixel ADV7403

Question asked by adinisim on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal


I am trying to use the ADV7403 decoder with 640x480 square pixel NTSC input, in CP mode.

The video output is missing the 2 first rows (2 odd rows and 2 even rows), and we don't know why, and how to fix it.

we are using the CP mode, but configuring the PLL to work in 620x480.

here are the main configuration we are performing to the decoder:

input select : CVBS in on AIN6 : register 0x00 <= value 0x05

output control : 8-bit@LLC1 4:2:2 : register 0x03 <= value 0x0c

primary mode: using the CP processor : register 0x05 <= value 0x01

video standard : 525i 4x2 (1440x480) : register 0x06 <= value 0x02

pixel port configuration 20 bit @ LLC1 4:2:2 SDR : register 0x6b <= value 0xc1


PLL configuration to 24.54MHz clock on LLC pin:


register 0x87 <= value 0xec

register 0x88 <= value 0x30

VCO range manual, VCO range 42MHz Max. : register 0x8a <= value 0xb0

PLL_QPUMP 500uA : register 0x3c <= value 0x5d

LLC range 13.5MHz-55MHz : register 0x3a <= value 0x17


Is the PLL configuration correct?

Is there any definition of Blank on the video that I am missing?

Any help on this will be welcomed.


Thanks, Adi