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i use hmc703 , ref=100M pfd=10M  output  2G~3G  integer mode

the loop filter i designed by adisimpll 


but when i try to lock the frequency  , i need divde the rf signal  from VCO to pfd by 2 then it can lock ,in this situation ,just like i use pfd=5M to lock


2G~3G is below 4G ,i read the datasheet  it does not need to divide by  2


the last time  i encounter the same problem  ,i try to lock  400M ,it also need divide   rf signal  from VCO to pfd by 2



RF Divider Range

>4GHz Integer Mode 16 bit , Even values only 32 131,070

< 4GHz Integer Mode 16 bit , All values 16 65,535