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Seeking good IIO ADC solution for non-JESD Altera users

Question asked by e00073 on Apr 13, 2016
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I work for a small company that would like to use an Analog Devices ADC that supports the Linux IIO framework, and works with Rocketboards using a Altera Cyclone V board such as the Arrow SocKit as a proof of concept host platform.


SNR is important to us, and we'd like to use a 16-bit device than could operate in the range of 50m to 100m samples/sec.


JESD204B is not an option, due to IP licensing costs.


The AD9265 is IIO-capable, and looks like it would be a good fit for us, but it has no Altera QSys IP block i.e. there is no "hdl/library/axi_ad9265/axi_ad9265_hw.tcl" in the HDL github tree


Of the devices enumerated in the Altera IP catalog while running QSys (after connecting the HDL github tree to Qsys):


AD9144 - has no IIO linux driver

AD9250 - is JESD204B only

AD9361 - could work, but is an RF device - has additional circuitry that we don't need.  Is also only 14-bit.

AD9671 - has no IIO linux driver

AD9680 - is JESD204B only


So it looks like there's no good option for us.  :-(


What would it take to for AD to create an "axi_ad9265_hw.tcl"?