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ADV7390 Encoder for analog wireless transmission

Question asked by CristianC on Jul 13, 2011
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Currently We are working on an application where we need to convert a 10 bits SDR HD(720p/1080p) digital video sensor to a single composite analog video signal and then transmits this signal via analog wireless communication(we don't have any bandwidth constraints). At first we tried to obtain a standar video signal from the encoder (using the dev kit), but after trying and not getting any results we found out that for a HD 10 bits conversion we required a DDR interface from the sensor(according to the datasheet), which we don't have. So we decided that maybe a brute conversion digital to a non standard analog video signal using one of the DAC of the ADV7390 might work, if we have at the receiver a decoder like the ADV7180 to bring back the signal to a HD digital video signal. My question is, what are we thinking make sense? or we are not using the right  configuration of chips, in order to encode and decode this signal? What kind of interface requirements must have a HD video sensor in order to work with the ADV7390/91/92/93?


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