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AD7175-2 data conversion time

Question asked by stinf on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by stinf

I am designign a sensor board for a new application I am working on. The sensor will be an accelerometer driven at 2 kHz data rate, and I am looking for an ADC in order to drive it.
- at least 3 single ended channels (for the three accelerometer axes)
- simultaneous sampling preferred
- 16 bit resolution (min.)
- 5 MHz min. SPI interface
- minimum external interface (in particular: no need for mux selection when simultaneous sampling is not possible)

On ADI's website I found AD7175-2, which seems to be suitable, but I am not able to find its conversion time. I mean: if I set output data rate to 2500 Hz (or so), I see that it switches between active channels and puts the converted values on the same output register, but I cannot find anything about how long does it take to make a single conversion; in other words, how much time do I have to download the prevoius sample before going in overflow?

Can someone help?

Thanks in advance.