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Inductor Calculation for ADP 5054

Question asked by Ranganadh on Apr 12, 2016
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Can any one help me out on below query.


Based on the BOM generated from ADP505x_BuckDesigner_Release.xls i got the below inductor values with below inputs.


Vin=5V, SW frequency=600Khz


Vout1: 3.3V@4A, inductor values suggested in .xls is (1.4uH)

Vout2: 2.5V@4A, inductor values suggested in .xls is (1uH)

Vout3: 1.8V@2.5A, inductor values suggested in .xls is (8.2uH)

Vout4: 1V@2.5A, inductor values suggested in .xls is (6.8uH)


But based on formula given in datasheet (Page no 25)if we calculate below values are coming

Vout1: 3.3V@4A, inductor value(1.33 uH, nearset value 1.5uH)

Vout2: 2.5V@4A,  inductor value(1.48 uH, nearset value 1.5uH)

Vout3: 1.8V@2.5A, inductor value(2.19 uH, nearset value 2.2uH)

Vout4: 1V@2.5A,  inductor value(1.52 uH, nearset value 1.5uH)



vout 1 is Ok, vout 2 is nearst value, vout3&4 are not nearest values, can you kindly check let me which values to be followed for design.