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Problem with firmware flashing on EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ

Question asked by Russi on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by Russi

Hi all,


can anybody help me to flash the ADV7625 OSD sample firmwares of BLIMP 3.9SP1 into the EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ board ?


I can load, compile and emulate the sample projects...but get an 'FT_INVALID_HANDLE' error if I try to upload the firmware into the evaluation board when I use 'Tools->Program flash memory'. (see attached picture)

I connected the EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ by FTDI US232R (USB->DB9) and stuck at this point anytime.

With onboard microUSB (Analog Devices Blackfin USB Device) and using 'Tools->Program flash memory (Blackfin)' to flash OSD firmware into board, I get an 'Blackfin USB device is not found' error. (see attached picture).


The software driver of the EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ is V2.3.3 and works fine with AVES3 in serial and USB connected mode.


What I'm doing wrong or how is the correct flow to upload OSD builds from BLIMP into EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ ???



Many thanks and best regards.