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Re: FMC-MOTCON2 current measurement with ila-core

Question asked by qxj on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by AdrianC
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Hi Adrian,


I'm working with the FMCMOTCON2 using the reference design hdl_2015_r1.


I want to know:


1) whether the 16-bit output signal 'ia_o' on the IP axi_mc_current_monitor has such a condition bit or it only consists of 1 sign bit and 15 counter bits? I want to know how Steffen can get this info.


2) whether I don't need to substract 2^15 (32768) when I want to convert the adc value of the ia_o into a real current value in unit ampere by using System Generator? Please refer to the equation for calculating the current ia in the FMCMOTCON2 user guide.