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ADV7401 eval brd

Question asked by HankZ on Jul 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2011 by HankZ

Dear Analog Device Company Support:



We have EVAL-ADV7401/3EBZ to evaluate the conversion of non-standard video to
standard VGA output values.

The source of video to convert is based on the video outputs of the chip
ADV7401KP50E  for  RS-343/RS-170  RGB sync on all channels, 807 lines 2:1
interlaced, this signal is connected directly to VGA input port (P1) by the
settings specified inthe application note (AN-0978).


Apparently this signal is recognized but I could not make the proper settings
for the desired results, except once for a configuration script to output
resolution 640x480 @ 60 per port P11, but with vertical refresh problems.
The problem that I have always had has been caused by the vertical  especially
since this system has a 76-hertz vertical sync and horizontal sync 30,556
khertz .


If there is any other solution or any sricpt other than those already seen
(Ver.1.2, Ver.1.3) that could guide me to an early solution to this particular
video would appreciate.


Note: There is some compiler C/C++  for this eval-board?.