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[EVAL-SSM2604] Problems with Windows 7

Question asked by kamrac on Apr 12, 2016



We have recently bought the EVAL-SSM2604 and have run into problems with the software. Out of the box, the USBi drivers did not want to install properly, but we solved this problem by installing SigmaStudio first, what must have had setup the driver properly for the installation. Still, the ARWB software, that can be found on the CD enclosed with the board, is unstable and crashes frequently. On the other hand, the software available on the EVAL webpage cannot recognise the USB connection. The latter is probably becuase the EVAL we got is an updated design, according to the included readme file.


Please, let us know, if it is possible to ensure stable operation of either one of those two programs. We are running Windows 7 - 64 bit on all our PCs.


In addition, we would like to ask for the updated design files, as those were not included on the enclosed CD.


Best wishes

Kamil R