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OTP Programmer Error

Question asked by piniels on Jul 12, 2011
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I have a costum board (BF525, CCLK = 516 MHz, SCLK=129 MHz), where I have modified the OTP Programmer code (C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\Blackfin\Examples\OTPProgrammer\ADSP-BF527\OTPProgrammer.dpj) to fit our board. with following modifications:


1. Changed the CLK frequence to (12.288), so that the the g_OTP_Timing_Value(0x0a548881) should fit our SCLK.


2. Added our board in otp_pb.h:


#elif __ADSPBF525__
{"VR_CTL", "PBS00", 0x18, 0, 16},
{"PLL_CTL", "PBS00", 0x18, 16, 16},
{"PLL_DIV", "PBS00", 0x18, 32, 8},
{"SPI_BAUD", "PBS00", 0x18, 40, 3},
{"SPI_FASTREAD", "PBS00", 0x18, 43, 1},
{"TWI", "PBS00", 0x18, 44, 6},
{"Load_enable", "PBS00", 0x18, 50, 14},
{"otp_ebiu", "PBS00", 0x18, 64, 64},
{"OTP_EBIU_SDGCTL", "PBS02", 0x1A, 0, 32},
{"OTP_EBIU_SDBCTL", "PBS02", 0x1A, 32, 16},
{"OTP_EBIU_SDRRC", "PBS02", 0x1A, 48, 12},

By the way I can see that the orignal code is not correct on PBS02 acording to BF52XHRM_Rev1.0.


3. Added some defines where need.


My problem is when I try to write the preboot page PBS00L or PBS02L I get getting following error:


Multiple Bad Bits on write of ECC Page 0x18 Lower (I have tried on two different target, the same error)


Any Idea what the problem is?