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AD689 functionality

Question asked by domenicus on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by Ryan_Curran

i used EVAL-CN0301-SDPZ to evaluate AD698 chip.
I change the following component to adapt the board to own requirements:
- change C2, C3, C4 to increse band, 100nF (as for datasheet)
- change R2 and R3 with 8.2K and 1.82 K to obtain an output voltage of 0-5V
- change C15 in the board (design mistake i hope)

With this change the output don't fullfill calculated output.

For correct functionality i need to increse the frequenzy up to 10KHz (c11 in
the board 3.3nF)

Can you explain me why the board work differently from datasheet information
and why different output with different frequency?


Domenico Pingitore