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Integrating util_dacfifo into a high speed DAC FMC design

Question asked by T-D-R-N on Apr 9, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by CsomI
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Hallo Andrei,

thanks for your fast response.

I built my existing HDL Design with the master branch. Just to make sure not doing it twice, I do have to use the dev branch and work with vivado 2015.2.1 instead of master with 2014.4.1?


I will try to do the changes and include the missing library cores to the HDL Design. Maybe you can point out which libraries are important for DAC buffer.


When I try building the DAQ2 HDL Design (just to see if all libraries were mentioned), I get the errors, which can be found in the appendix. Libraries "util_bsplit" and "util_ccat" library, which were not mentioned on this site ADI Reference Designs HDL User Guide [Analog Devices Wiki] , are also built. So some library is still missing.



The following list is for the master branch, I hope it is same for dev branch.



Am I right, if I just copy the following buffer (for transceiving) to the AD9739a, because the AD9467 works fine with Matlab?

          IBUFDS_GTE2 i_ibufds_tx_ref_clk

          IBUFDS i_ibufds_tx_sysref

          IBUFDS i_ibufds_tx_sync