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SHARC 21469: SPORT ( Externally Generated Clock )

Question asked by RBiswas on Jul 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2011 by Mitesh

Hello All,


I am working on SHARC 21469 on SPORT module. My senario is :


1. SPORT0 -> Configured as Receiver. SPORT1 -> Configured as Transmitter.

2. Clock and Frame Sync is provided Externally. ( 256 Fs )

3. Both SPORT0 and SPORT1 Configued in TDM Mode. ( 8 Channels , 32 bit word length , DMA Enabled )

4. As of now I am using a local buffer like [ unsigned int a[8] = {0,1,....}] and assigning it to [IISP DMA register ]

5. After the DMA Completion I am not getting the SPORT Interrupt. Means the Interrupt is not Latched.

6. I am as of now interested in getting the SPORT1 Interrupt.


The SPORT1 is configued as Slave Transmitter. Pls suggest me with options as I why I am not getting the Interrupt.