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FMCCOMMS2 software driver for Mathlab Communication System Toolbox

Question asked by hajimowlana on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by ACozma

We have a FMCCOMMS2 board and want to use the RTL and constraints files generated by Communication System Toolbox from Mathlab and implement it in out Kintex 705 evaluation board. Mathlab only supports FMCCOMMS1 and provide software drivers for that. My question is that where I can get the support and possibly similar software drivers for FMCCOMMS2 for this activity? I want to use the RTL files generated and provided by Mathlab. I have attached the response that I have got from Mathworks which might help you to understand what I am planning to do.




Response from Mathworks:

The FPGA Radio from Communication System Toolbox  solution will give you everything in our hardware design.

You will have access to the FPGA files (RTL and constraints files) when you follow any of our example for FPGA radio. The workflow will create a project with all the necessary files. So once you get the hardware files you can work on the other piece which is the software driver for the FMC2.  As said we only support FMC1.