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DE/VSYNC/HSYNC and soldering the adv7611

Question asked by rowesca on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by GuenterL

This may seem for some people general knowlegde but i couldn't really find a clear answer. and i am kinda new to video signals.


I am making a verilog code to read in the adv7611 and eventually do the processing (no complex things) and storing in memory etc. but at first i am confused on the timing and working of VSYNC/HSYNC and DE.


from what i understand the Vsync gives a '1', rest of the time a 0,on the start of the frame and the Hsync a '1' on each next horizontal line.


but i couldn't find any timing? comes the hsync one clock before/after or maybe even at the same time? how should i implemt this in the verilog? i am not asking for verilog code , just someone who can point me to maybe a timing diagram or something else.

and what exactly is the function of the data enable(DE)?


besides that i am having trouble soldering the gnd pad on the protoboard. I tried to solder it a few times but dont want to make it to hot, and so it just wouldn't solder. i have only a solder station and reflow station, no oven or anything. i have experience with soldering just not BGA or other pads on the bottom of an IC. any tips for soldering it on a protoboard by hand?