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ADG1609 Multiplexer Input Design

Question asked by ChaitanyaB on Jul 11, 2011
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I am using ADG1609 MUX and AD623 and AD7685 ADC

My source is low input impedance(100 ohm) differential accelerometer.

I have few doubts about the Multiplexer and its inputs:

1.I think ADG1609 does not have internal protection diodes hence I am connecting SD101 low leakage diodes externally.Is it having internal diodes?

2.It looks like on the digital side we don't need a level converter.I am powering the MUX by 10V and still I suppose it will read my uC signal's at 3.3V,Is this assumption correct?

3.I am combining my RFI filter with Antialaising Filter(128 Hz BW),pls find attached Schematic,Is this correct will it perform both the operations?

4.I think for ESD protection I need to put the ESD diodes of high current ability and high leakage at the front end only,otherwise the leakage current will flow through the input resistance and add a offset,do you think the ESD protection diodes are properly placed?Can't we use only SD101?

5.Is there any Circuit from the LAB or Eval board with MUX and its inputs protected as well as antilaising filter added and ESD protection?