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Enable/Disable AD9361 TX1/TX2 with Matlab via iio

Question asked by yanyu.huang on Apr 7, 2016
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  I was following the example code here to setup my AD9361. I was able to set the TX LO, RX LO and TX/RX Gain to the value I want using matlab.

MathWorks_tools/ad9361_ModeS.m at master · analogdevicesinc/MathWorks_tools · GitHub


But I could not disable TX1/TX2 with a similar command.

I tried disabling TX1 by sending this command:

writeAttributeString(s.iio_dev_cfg.cfg_ch(13).ctrl_dev, s.iio_dev_cfg.cfg_ch(13).port_attr, '0');


But the value I read back from the same address is always '1', indicating that TX was still enabled.


I was wondering if instead of '0', there is something else I should put in when intending to disable the Tx with that command.



read back from this command: s.iio_dev_cfg.cfg_ch(13)



port_name: 'TX1_EN'

port_attr: 'out_voltage0_en'

ctrl_dev_name: 'data_in_device'

ctrl_dev: [1x1 libiio_if]