ADIsimPE License Issues

Discussion created by John.Ellenberger on Apr 7, 2016
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Recently we started hearing of problems with ADIsimPE and the license being expired.  We have investigated the issue and have sent out an informational email to our registered users outlining the problem and it's solution.  In the interests of disseminating this information as widely as possible I will outline the issue and solution here.


When ADIsimPE is installed it contains a default license that is valid for one year.  When ADIsimPE is updated (via 'Check for Updates' under help) it updates this license.  By default the update check is set to 'Never' which contributes to the problem.


Based on our investigations we have two solutions to this issue.  If you are experiencing this problem please try the following (with ADIsimPE open):

  1. Click 'Help'
  2. Click 'Check for Updates'
  3. Ensure 'Check Updates Now' is checked
  4. Click 'Ok'


After the update completes your license should be updated and you will once again be able to use ADIsimPE.


In a few edge cases this solution will not solve the problem.  At this point the solution is to uninstall ADIsimPE, restart your machine, reinstall ADIsimPE (using a freshly downloaded copy from and follow the steps above.


If neither of these solutions correct your problem please contact us at and we will try to diagnose the specific issue you are experiencing.


In closing, please accept our apologies and we hope ADIsimPE continues to add value to your organization.



The Analog Devices ADIsimPE Team