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Question asked by imranshahzad on Apr 7, 2016
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I have a query regarding ADXL278 Accelerometer.

ADW22279ZC, ADW22280ZC and ADW22284ZC were purchased recently.

We got only ADW22284ZC having W22284 marked physically on IC. However for ADW22279ZC & ADW22280ZC received without ‘W’ just only marked 22279 & 22280 as shown in the photographs below:ADW22284ZC.jpgADW22280ZC.jpgADW22279ZC.jpgtached.


Please help me out to confirm about these.

Whether ADW22279ZC & ADW22280ZC are OK with the function of ’W’ ‘Automotive’ without printed ‘W’ physically on ICs?

I will be grateful to you for the help required in this regards,

Imran Shahzad