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Decode wav file on SHARC DSP

Question asked by cuckoo on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by Kader.M


     In order to test the performance of WAVPCMUtilities,which can get from,I creat a project.The project is created using some file from "WAVPCMUtilities-PI-Rel2.0.0_SRC.exe".In the files of the project,I modified some places.During test period,I met three problem:

     (1)The first problem is that the project can complete under single step,but can't under run.

     (2)The second problem is that I can't get right middle value after decoding complete,using the under code:

          l_test_buf[0] = *data_buffer_ptrs[0];

          r_test_buf[0] = *data_buffer_ptrs[1];

     (3)The third problem is that after the project run complete,I get another file "test.out.wav",but the data chunk part is different from the original one.Between the right bytes,many "00" bytes are inserted.

     Thank you very much!