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ADIS16480 bringup problems

Question asked by IslamAlaa on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by NevadaMark

Dear All,


I've an ADIS16480 unit and I am trying to interface with it using an Arduino UNO board. I am having some difficulties and want your help with that.


I am using the PCB IMU1 breakout board with the module for easier interfacing.


Setup description:


- Arduino UNO board, powered by USB.

- pins 7,8,9 from the breakout board are connected to ground pins in arduino.

- pin 10 is connected to 3.3v supply pin in arduino.

- SPI pins in ADIS16480 board (2,3,4,6) are connected to SPI pins in the arduino (10, 11, 12, 13).


- First I couldn't get anything up and running using this setup, So, I changed the supply to be external, and I found that the unit current is only 0.01 Ampere !!!!! which is very small relative to the what is stated in the datasheet.


I also have a question regarding the pins ordering, I assume that pin number 1 in the PCB is the one with a start next to it. is that correct ?!


should I connect the pins (10,11, 12) (all the supply pins) to 3.3v supply or just one is enough ?!


Regarding the jumper (JP1) present in the PCB, should it be connected or not, my current setup keep it connected, is that correct ?!


I've checked the SPI lines that comes out of the arduino on a scope and saw that they are properly generated.



Please , appreciate your immediate help.