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HMC849ALP4CE exposed pad connection

Question asked by DRL on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by s.ilke

I need to use the HMC849ALP4CE with a bipolar (<+/-1V), non-AC coupled signal at the RFC terminal and a non ac coupled termination resistor at RF1.  To accomplish this I would like to bias the ground terminals of the device below system ground so that device ground is at -2.5V and device Vdd=+2.5V.  I'm wondering if the exposed pad is electrically connected inside the device or if that can still be connected to system ground while pins 10 & 11 are at -2.5V.  Any issues with what I'm trying to do, obviously the -2.5V need to be pretty stiff (caps to ground) compared to ground to avoid isolation loss, etc.  and of course the control voltages would need to be referenced to the -2.5V.  Any change this would work reasonably at up to 6GHz?