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ADE78xxA crystal circuitry

Question asked by markushug on Apr 6, 2016
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I have a question about the crystal to use for ADE7854A application.

In the eval board, a crystal with 18pF load capacity, 500µW max drive level, and 40 Ohms max ESR is used.

In the datasheet, referring to this crystal, equal or lower load capacity and ESR and equal or higher drive level is recommended.

I wonder if I can use a crystal with a maximum drive level of 100µW also? I think of a Jauch JXS32 or JXS53 type.

(favourite would be JXS32; the typical ESR for this type is 40 Ohms, even the max ESR is higher with 80 Ohms. Would this be a problem?)


And for the load capacitors, in the datasheet it is calculated as 34pF each (for the 18pF crystal). But in the eval board schematics, the load capacitor used is 18pF each?