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Question asked by askey on Apr 6, 2016
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the two device interface is PM-Bus,

  1. can the two device be controlled ( accessed) by i2c master ?

        from the experiment i had, it works by i2c master.

  2. from "1", does it means the two device is i2c compatible ?

  3. from Data Sheet of the two device, one can see it list timing spec of sm-bus (hold time - 300nS)

      but if two device are i2c compatible , can i find revised spec list such as " hold time -0 ns " when receive data .?

      or any confirmed letter related to the timing.

  4. the two parts (adm1278 / adm1293) are used in our new design, the master (i2c or sm-bus ) violates the the hold time (300 ns), but it work; there's concern of the communication reliability. hope there's formal clarification / document.