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SPI on ADuCM320

Question asked by arthur@opsys on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by ABuda

ADI gives two examples for SPI Master. One with SPI1WritePacket and the other with SPI1ReadPacket.

Both use the SPI1_Int_Handler to transmit and recieve bytes by checking the SPI1STA register.

I dont get the ~CS rising edge (CSRSG) interrupt although was configured at  CSIRQ_EN bit8 of SPI1DIV register and continuous mode is enabled in CON bit11 of SPI1CON register



if((SPI1MSTATUS & 0x4000) == 0x4000)      // Rising edge detected on SPI Chip select pin


     I never get here



Any help appreceated