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modifying adi_AFE_RunSequence()

Question asked by amf on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by emoloney

My question is somewhat related to the answer #2 to a question about running the sequencer continuously:

Continuous bioimpedance measurement


I would like to run the sequencer in a mode of sampling data forever, as a modification of AmperometricMeasurement.c.


Specifically, I understand that I must not use adi_AFE_RunSequence(seq_amp_meas, etc), but need to write my own function which will run the seq_amp_meas[] sequence without subsequently shutting down the AFE.  My question has to do with a compiler error I get when I make a copy of the definition of adi_AFE_RunSequence() from afe.c and I

copy it into my AmperometricMeasurement.c file and rename the function to "my_AFE_RunSequence()".  For each instance where  my_AFE_RunSequence() has a statement referring to:


hDevice->somefield = something_or_other


...the compiler complains about "pointer to incomplete class type not allowed".  However, I've declared my function at the top of my file and I also have an "#include afe.h".  I haven't changed anything in the function from its original form in afe.c.  Do you know what the problem could be?