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AD8251 differential output voltage calculation question

Question asked by tonyMC on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by tonyMC

I would like to use the AD8251 in-amp in the same circuit configuration shown in figure 61 of its datasheet. I have two questions...

1. I can calculate the in amp and the level shift output voltage equations separately but am having trouble coming up with a single equation for the VoutA and VoutB voltages as they are obviously interdependent. Is there a more detailed equation available other than the indicated...±Vin/2+VREF ?

2. I would also like to calculate the accuracy error contribution of the 4.99kΩ resistors in the level shift amplifier circuit. Can the equation in #1 above include these resistors as part of the overall formula so that I can determine what affect their tolerance and drift may have on the overall output voltage ?