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Questions about ADV7441A auto detection

Question asked by cclo on Jul 11, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2012 by mattp

Hi all,


I am now using ADV7441A as a video decoder (and it will connect to a encoder). There are 3 input sources connected to ADV7441A. They are:



2) YPbPr



In my scenerio, as I am doing an encoder sub-system, I only know the users will choose which input port of ADV7441. I don't know what the video information of the input such as:


1) Video resolution (width & height)

2) Video format (interlace / progressive)

3) Video refresh rate (50Hz / 59.97Hz / 60Hz, etc)


So I need to use ADV7441 to auto detect all needed information of video signal (listed above), in order to configure the encoder chip as well. I must configure the encoder properly in order to make it work. And the information of video signal is a MUST.


For HDMI, after searching the previous discussions and studying the related documents provided here, I know how to auto detect the incoming video input source info (listed above).


But for YPbPr and CVBS, I still do not know:


1) How to correctly switch the input port to accept YPbPr and CVBS signal

2) How to get the input video source info for these 2 inputs.


For the CVBS signal, I connected it to AIN10.

For the YPbPr signal, Y is connected to AIN6, Pb is connected to AIN5 and Pr is connected to AIN4.


Please help. Thanks.