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Query Reagrading ADUM5402

Question asked by Sayantan on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by Sayantan

Dear Team,

I am using ADUM5402 isolator in my design. I am giving 5V supply as the VDD & by pulling down the VSEL pin I am selecting VISO as 3.3V. Now I have few doubts:

1. I am using four isolator chips in my board, I have used same net name for all the 3.3V-ISO of four isolator chips. Any suggestion regarding this?

2. 3.3V-ISO is not driving any load, so for voltage regulation what resistor I have to place between 3.3V-ISO & ISO-GND for proper operation? from data sheet I figured out that I have to make IISO as at least 10mA for voltage regulation of 3.3V-ISO, so for four chip If I use the same net total IISO will be 40mA & I have to place a resistor between 3.3V-ISO & ISO-GND of value 3.3V/40mA to maintain the voltage regulation of 3.3V-ISO, please rectify me If I am wrong. Any suggestion will be appreciated.