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ADE7753 voltage and energy registers content

Question asked by syavash on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by dlath

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I have  used ADE7753 in combination with atmega64a and I am able to read temp, voltage , current and ...

My problem is that i think that my results are not acceptable enough .

I have used a voltage attenuation resistors (1M and 1k) for voltage channel and read the voltage by an oscilloscope . when input voltage is 223v the output is around 223mv . then I read the VRMS in zero crossing time for 100 times and average it the output  of ade7753 is around 2072784. (if I read it only one time , I get some how the same value ). I have done no calibration yet and no offset has been adjusted .

Q: is this value acceptable or I must be wrong somewhere ?

I have used a CT for reading the current and have used a 30w lamp to test the board . The real current that I read from my ampere meter is around 150 ma. and the IRMS value in the ADE7753 shows around 15023

the active energy register shows the value about "217" in one second. I know that I must do the calibrations but I think the outputs must be near the expected values and then calibrations must be done to have an exact result.

Q: is this value acceptable? or better to say how this value has been calculated in the IC ? What is the expected value here ?


I have read the datasheet and saw that the sampling is made each 4/clk . my Xtal is 3.58MHZ but my calculations doesn't give the same result .

Q:could you please tell me how many samples of (I*V) has been accumulated in the energy register and how much of its lower bits has been omitted that the output is this?