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About ALSB pin and RESET pin of ADV7390.

Question asked by Tamu on Apr 4, 2016
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I have some questions about ALSB pin and RESET pin of ADV7390.


Question 1:
About ALSB pin, can ALSB pin be connected to GND or DVDDIO directly?
Or is it better that the pin is pulled to GND or DVDDIO with pull-down/pull-up resister?
If we should use pull-down/pull-up resister, could you tell me your recommended resister value(ohm)?
If both of using pull-down/pull-up and not using pull-down/pull-up are OK, please let me know.


Question 2:
About RESET pin, my customer uses 10k ohm pull-down resister for the RESET pin.
(The RESET pin is connected to CPU/reset IC with 10k ohm pull-down resister on their board.)
Do we have any problem?
If you recommend removing the pull-down resister or reducing the resister value, please let me know.
Or if 10k ohm pull-down resister is OK, please let me know.


Thank you!
Best regards.