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Ram Load Error AD9910

Question asked by OUCraig on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by lee911

I am using an AD9910 Evaluation board with a 1 GHz reference clock. Divide by two disable is checked and the multipliers are off. I have written a simple text file with 32 bit binary words as indicated in the users manual with the intention of producing a chained frequency sweep.

Whenever I try to load the file I get one of two errors. I select enable RAM and set the beginning and ending addresses on Profile0 to 0 and 1023 respectively, then I click Load RAM and the RAM I/O window opens, as expected. If I click the three dots next to the file name entry box I get a run time error and the program closes, if I try to enter the filename with extension as e.g. filename.text I get an error message saying Invalid RAM data.

Can anyone see what it is that I am doing wrong?