About ADIsimCLK version    (AD9255-4 PLL unlock)

Discussion created by moto on Apr 3, 2016



I would like to know about ADIsimCLK that was provided by ADI as development tool.

We designed with ADIsimCLK ver 1.30.01 for AD9255-4.


Input Frequency = 10.000MHz

Loop Bandwidth = 500kHz

Design Frequency = 1600MHz

Master Divider = 5 (1600/5=320MHz)

Div = 32 ,8 & 4

OUT=10MHz, 40MHz, 80MHz

              (In this case, actual output freq is 9.7MHz , PLL unlock)


Q1: Is there any problem the product with V1.30.10 settings?


A last ADIsimCLK revision might be 1.60.10.


Q2: What is the difference between 1.30.10 and 1.60.10.?

We know that 1.60.10 displays “C1=32.0pF” at LF terminal.


Ver 1.30.10


Ver 1.60.10



Q3: Could we change this C1 value by simulation software?

              Why 1.30.10 doesn’t show this C1?


Q4. What can support by Ver 1.30.10?  It's for a different revision device?

          Why do these calculate different result?