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ADC Requriement

Question asked by SHARVY on Apr 3, 2016
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I am having a latest requirement to design the new ADC cards with the below specification. Kindly let me know, about which ADC chip from AD is more suited.


  • Type
    • Analog inputs: Minimum, 8-Analog
      Inputs (AI) w/ Surge Protection. Surge protection shall be external.
    • Resolution: 10-12bit, min
    • Precision: +/- 0.5% on DC Readings
    • Channel Isolation: 1000 Volts
      isolation between each channel
    • Input Impedance: Min 20 mega ohms up
      to 350 volts ranges, 230k Ohms up to 100 mv range.
  • Type 2:
    • 4-20mA


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