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Question asked by on Apr 2, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by rcalam

Hi All

       I am doing a new temperature monitor project with high accuracy.

For this project i m using AD7714YN as ADC and ATmega8 as micro controller.

The communication used is SPI. I hardwired all the things and wrote the code for the interfacing.

And I tried to display the ADC read values in the LCD. But i couldn't get any valid data from  the ADC.

The analog input channel i am using is AIN1 and AIN6. The crystal i used for the AD7714 is 1MHz.

The register configuration values i used in the code is from the datasheet's flow chart with a little modification.

The thing is that the DRDY out of the AD7714 is still in the active HIGH state after the complete register configuration.

But when i disconnect the crystal from the ADC its DRDY output is going LOW.

For the SPI configuration in ATmega8 the SCK frequency is fclk/128 and the CPOL bit is HIGH.

i couldn't understand whats happening. Also i am attaching the code here. its done in AVRStudio. somebody please help...