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ad9361 read BPSK file

Question asked by connie on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by rgetz


I tried to make TX of SDR to read BPSK file, and see the constellation result from the iio oscilloscope. But I couldn't see two stable points from the IIO Oscilloscope. Actually I also created a QPSK file, and loaded it to the TX, and I could see four points from the iio oscilloscope capture window, and they are stable and not shifted. But when I loaded the BPSK file, the points shifted in the screen and not fixed in one place. I don't know why.


I also tried the 10.txt file, which is given by you and stored in the waveforms folder. The results was similar, two points shifted in the window of IIO Oscilloscope. Could you please tell me how can I get two stable points in IIO Oscilloscope. I tried every file you gave me in the waveform folder, and I didn't find one can give two stable points.